Innovative Education Products and Solutions

We offer innovative products and services for schools, learning centres, kindergartens and households.

Our Experience Guides Our Sevices

We offer...

  • an effective balance of educational and business experience in China.
  • an understanding of the Chinese market.
  • proven positive relations with Chinese regulators and the government.
  • business models designed for the Chinese market.
  • proven success within a competitive environment.
  • positive relations with local business partners.
  • experience with technological platforms developed for the Chinese market.
  • an organizational structure which allows timely decision making.
  • effective business development and innovation strategies.
  • fully embedded operations throughout China.

Our Framework

Importation of Products and Services to China

ASK Idea Global has the necessary resources and expertise to offer products and services to the international and domestic market from their offices throughout China.

Exportation of Products and Services from China

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